Cowboys (SASS)

Wentworth Shootist Society


This is our 12 year running the indoor matches, with new targets that ping, ping, ping if you hit them. Doc Lonsome is going to blurb on the OSASF Headquarters and hopefully a dispatch from Doc Lonsome prior to all the matches.

  • Registration at 9:30 A.M.
  • Safety meeting at 9:53 A.M.
  • Shooting starts at 10:00 A.M.

Our Matches

As usual everyone welcome! Lead Bullets only. We are SASS affiliated and run SASS matches using SASS guidelines. All targets are BIG and CLOSE. No stage scenario is to big or too small for us to steal.

Same price: $15.00 for four + stages.
Coffee and Tim Bits for the taking.


Join the Wild Bunch

Stages are all SASS tried and true… no memory games or procedural traps at OUR matches. Come on out and help us kick off another successful season.

S&W 41

Muzzle direction...

Every participant is expected to be a safety officer. Each shooter’s first responsibility is for his or her own safe conduct. ALL shooters are expected to remain alert to the actions of others that are unsafe.