Bullseye Target Shooting

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Bullseye, also known as Conventional Pistol, is a decades old Nationally and Internationally sanctioned and practiced shooting discipline where the emphasis is on accuracy and precision. It has a long history at WSSC where we hold regular practice nights and compete in the Ontario Intercounty Handgun League (O.I.H.L.) against teams from Southern Ontario. The pennants hanging in the lounge indicate our successes.

Bullseye requires a .22 Rimfire semi-auto pistol, preferably of “Target Pistol” quality, but can be shot with any .22 semi auto pistol. The individual shoots as part of the team, but in a classification based on his/her ability. The Bullseye Match season runs from September to April, with Tuesday evening 7:00 practices all year. The sport involves shooting at regulation paper targets, one-handed, at 20 yards.


A match consists of 60 rounds fired in 5 shot strings, 10 shots per target:

  • 2 targets of Slow Fire - 2.5 minutes per string of 5 shots
  • 2 targets of Timed Fire - 20 seconds per string of 5 shots
  • 2 targets of Rapid Fire - 10 seconds per string of 5 shots

Practice Time

Any WSSC member can come out to a practice and try it out with no cost or obligation, using a club Ruger if the member does not have a suitable firearm. Team membership is $20. a season, which covers the cost of match targets and can include prize money. We shoot matches both at WSSC and away.

Talk to a Director or a team member about specifics and suitable pistols. Suitable pistols run from Ruger Mk 2 or 3, Browning Buckmarks etc, to High Standard Citation/ Trophy/ Victor, Smith & Wesson model 41, up to the more expensive imports like Walther GSP, Pardini and Hammerli.

Give it a try!

Ruger Mark I, II, III or IVBrowning Buck MarkHigh StandardS&W Model 41

Walter GSPPardini SPHammerli

Try before you buy!

The 1911 copies (eg-GSG) in .22 caliber currently popular with new shooters do NOT generally make good Bullseye target pistols. Talk to Team members  about firearms. They will generally let you try theirs out and provide advice.

Intercounty team contact

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Intercounty league Match Schedule
2019-2020 Season

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Our team won 1st place in the Ontario Intercounty Handgun League's 2018 - 2019 season. With 23 prizes (1st and 2nd places) won by:

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Our Claim of Fame

The club’s claim to fame is Olympic Medalist Linda Thom who won Gold at the 1984 Olympics in 25 Meter Pistol.


Bullseye Team Events


WSSC bullseye team

We have an active and ambitious team who are very enjoyable to shoot with.

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